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Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps your teeth in many ways. To help you know more about this helpful substance, our Basking Ridge Dental Group team has provided answers to the following questions about fluoride:

What is fluoride?
Fluoride is a natural mineral that is very beneficial for your teeth. It seeps into your tooth enamel and strengthens it, giving it the ability to fight tooth decay and enamel erosion. It also helps your teeth by repairing the enamel when it has been attacked or worn down by a harmful substance, which is called remineralization.

How can I get fluoride?
You can get fluoride by using fluoride toothpaste when you brush your teeth twice each day, drinking fluoridated water as much as possible, and receiving a professional fluoride treatment during your six month checkups.

How do I know if my toothpaste contains fluoride?
Ensuring that your paste contains fluoride is simple and easy. All you need to do is look at the ingredient label and see if fluoride is listed.

Is fluoride harmful for children?
Fluoride isn’t generally harmful for children. However, it is harmful if your child receives too much fluoride. This is called dental fluorosis. This involves tooth discoloration or mottled tooth enamel. The best way to know the perfect amount of fluoride to receive is by talking to your dentist, Dr. Mary Rostami.

Now that you know all you need to know about fluoride in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, it’s important to nourish and strengthen your teeth with this mineral on a regular basis. That way your smile will remain healthy and strong. For more information and details, please call our office today at 908-509-4428. We are more than happy to help you!