Dentist in Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge Dentist While living with missing teeth can diminish your quality of life, making it difficult to eat, speak and even socialize with confidence, advances in modern dentistry have made a number of excellent dental procedures available that can help you to reestablish a complete smile. One of the most sought after cosmetic solutions… Read more »

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Here at Basking Ridge Dental Group, our Basking Ridge Dentists’ prides themselves in providing our patients with the highest quality dental care. We value our patients’ health as paramount. Our dental staff understands your concerns and anxieties, and enjoys educating our patients and keeping them informed and at ease about their treatments and procedures at all times…. Read more »

How to Avoid Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion in , , is one of the many dental issues in the world today. It occurs when acid attacks and wears down your tooth enamel and it usually results in tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration, and tooth cracks. This is why it’s best to prevent this issue altogether, and you can do so by… Read more »

Periodontitis: The Facts

You probably know that you could have to deal with gum disease if you don’t care for your teeth well. However, did you know that even if you do practice great oral hygiene, you could still need to face this issue? Gum disease can be caused by a number of issues, including illnesses and genetics…. Read more »

All You Need to Know About Fluoride

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps your teeth in many ways. To help you know more about this helpful substance, our team has provided answers to the following questions about fluoride: What is fluoride? Fluoride is a natural mineral that is very beneficial for your teeth. It seeps into your tooth enamel and strengthens… Read more »

How Often You Should Change Your Toothbrush

As you probably know, brushing your teeth is an extremely important part of your oral hygiene routine. You may have also heard that brushing your teeth can actually help you protect the health of your entire body. If you don’t brush well, you may experience a number of issues–but did you know that if you… Read more »

What You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy

You’ve probably heard that getting root canal therapy is no picnic. Many people are scared when they hear they need one. Fortunately, because of modern medicine, having root canal therapy is probably not as bad as you’ve heard. In fact, receiving root canal therapy usually feels similar to having a cavity filled. Still, do you… Read more »

Dental Sealants: What You Should Know

You may have heard that dental sealants are great for the health of your teeth, and that they could even stop cavities from forming–but what else have you heard about this important treatment? For example, do you know if you’re a good candidate for sealants or why sealants benefit you? Dental sealants are typically recommended… Read more »

Losing a Crown Can Result in Serious Complications

While crowns are designed to be durable, there are times where something like a blow to the face, or complications resulting from chronic gum disease can weaken the cement holding it in place. If a crown falls out, you should seek immediate care to minimize potential complications and damage to the abutment within. To that… Read more »

You Can Counter Enamel Erosion with Fluoride

Your tooth enamel is made up of microscopic mineral crystals structures. While this makes tooth enamel very strong, it is not impervious to erosion caused by consuming acidic foods, beverages and the bacteria in your mouth. As time goes on this process, known as demineralization, can create microscopic pores and channels in your tooth enamel…. Read more »