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While crowns are designed to be durable, there are times where something like a blow to the face, or complications resulting from chronic gum disease can weaken the cement holding it in place. If a crown falls out, you should seek immediate care to minimize potential complications and damage to the abutment within.

To that end Basking Ridge Dental Group’s dentists offer a few basic first aid and care suggestions to minimize complications, while you seek treatment.

You can look in the mirror, to inspect the abutment. If it’s simply that the cement was weakened the abutment should be whole and the crown itself will be hollow. You should never brush or floss any of the exposed abutment or attempt to clean the crown. This could potentially damage the abutment and make it difficult to remount the crown.

If chronic gum disease has allowed bacteria access to the seam where the crown meets the abutment it could weaken the cement anchoring your crown. Sometimes the crown will simply fall out. However, it could also cause decay to weaken the abutment inside and cause it to break off.

If the abutment has been damaged, some of it will likely remain inside the crown. In a situation like this Basking Ridge Dental Group’s dentists will likely need to perform a root canal. In an extreme case, the entire abutment of the tooth might need to be extracted so the tooth can be restored by other means.

If you’ve recently lost a crown you need to call Basking Ridge Dental Group’s Basking Ridge, New Jersey clinic at 908-509-4428 to seek immediate treatment.