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Children are especially prone to developing cavities. This is caused by a variety of factors, but there is one easy thing you can do for them in order to give them extra defense. Dental sealants can help seal your child’s teeth against decay and cavities.

A dental sealant is a thin, sturdy layer of plastic applied to the surface of a tooth in order to protect it from plaque buildup and decay. They are typically used on the chewing teeth, or the molars and premolars. These teeth, with their rugged geography, can be difficult to effectively clean and so are more likely to develop cavities. The tiny nooks and crannies are the perfect place for plaque to accumulate, and children may not be the most proficient brushers. Applying a sealant to an area like this can protect it from decay for years.

Sealants are durable and don’t affect normal chewing activity. And by smoothing out rough dental landscapes, teeth become easier to clean. The process of getting sealants is quick and simple. They can be applied in one office visit and are painless. While the sealant material can wear away over time, reapplication is easy. Many insurance plans cover this preventive treatment, as well.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Dental sealants can help his or her teeth remain strong and cavity-free for years to come. To find out more about dental sealants, call Basking Ridge Dental Group in Basking Ridge, NJ, today.