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While a basic filling is intended to repair a small to medium sized cavity for a long time, it is still not uncommon for one to fail over of time. In some cases, you might even be able to notice a filling is about to fall out. In general, the larger and older a filling is, the more likely it is to fail.

Here at Basking Ridge Dental Group we offer a few common warning signs to look out for, if you suspect one of your fillings is having a problem.

One common symptom of a troublesome filling is a sharp pain when biting down or chewing on the tooth. This could also be associated with a change in texture or if a gray color develops in the nearby enamel. This usually means bacteria has invaded the seam between the filling and the healthy tooth enamel.

A filling located near your tongue might also start to develop a sharp or abnormal texture. This is usually a sign that bacteria have weakened the cement holding the filling in place.

If you notice signs of a filling about to go bad, you need to call Basking Ridge Dental Group soon as possible. If the problem isn’t resolved in a timely manner the problem could develop into something serious.

In some cases, Basking Ridge Dental Group can repair the area by simply removing a small amount of additional enamel and cementing a new filling in place.

If you suspect one of your fillings is about to fail you should call Basking Ridge Dental Group at 908-509-4428 to schedule an appointment.