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As of June 8th, we are open!

Welcome to Basking Ridge Dental Group, where we make sure you are happy with your smile. Dr. Mary Rostami and Dr. Azita Emami have great relationships with their patients and work hard to provide excellent, affordable dental care. Our friendly, professional dental team treats the whole family, starting with children at 3 years old and going on to adults who are 100 and beyond. If you want to visit friendly dentists in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, who run a peaceful, family-oriented practice, then Basking Ridge Dental Group is where you need to go for all of your dental needs.

Our Mission at Basking Ridge Dental Group

Basking Ridge Dental Group roots itself in the tradition of ethical and high standard patient care. It integrates the practice of advanced dentistry with the principals of making patients feel welcomed, happy, comfortable and confidant. It functions on the premise that dental care is an important and integral part of medical necessity.