Why Are Your Gums Bleeding?

At Basking Ridge Dental Group, we know that taking good care of your oral health by brushing and flossing daily benefits not just your pearly whites, but your gums as well. Your gums, which cushion and support your teeth, are a good indicator of your general health which can let you know when something is not quite… Read more »

What Does a Dental Bridge Do?

Having a missing tooth can be embarrassing, but did you know it can actually hurt your oral health. Fortunately, there are many restoration options available to you, such as a crown or an implant. However, when considering your options, please don’t forget about dental bridges. A bridge can used restore your beautiful, functional smile. But… Read more »

How Does Smoking Affect Your Mouth?

Virtually everyone wants a beautiful smile they can share with confidence, but many people do things that put that dream in jeopardy. For instance, many people don’t practice proper oral care. Others choose to smoke. Granted, many people understand that smoking could yellow your teeth, but do you know about the other ways smoking can… Read more »

Warning Signs of a Troublesome Filling

While a basic filling is intended to repair a small to medium sized cavity for a long time, it is still not uncommon for one to fail over of time. In some cases, you might even be able to notice a filling is about to fall out. In general, the larger and older a filling… Read more »

How Fluoride Strengthens Your Teeth

You have probably heard many dentists talk about how good fluoride is for your teeth, how it strengthens them and makes them more resistant to cavities. But have you ever wondered just how fluoride does this? We want to explain the process of how fluoride works with your teeth. First let’s start with your teeth,… Read more »

Your Bridge Requires Regular Cleaning and Care

Your new effectively restores the full function, and appearance of a tooth that was lost due to advanced tooth decay or extraction. While the material your bridge is made from is not vulnerable to bacteria and tooth decay, it will still require regular cleaning and care as part of your oral hygiene regimen. Periodontal disease… Read more »

Sealing Out Tooth Decay

Children are especially prone to developing cavities. This is caused by a variety of factors, but there is one easy thing you can do for them in order to give them extra defense. Dental sealants can help seal your child’s teeth against decay and cavities. A dental sealant is a thin, sturdy layer of plastic… Read more »

Helping Your Smile by Maintaining Healthy Saliva Levels

Did you know that a radiant, healthy smile depends not only on healthy teeth and gums, but on a healthy oral environment that protects your oral tissues and keeps your mouth functioning smoothly? Along with daily brushing and flossing, and regular professional dental cleanings, optimal saliva levels create a comfortable, protective environment for healthy teeth… Read more »

These Signs Indicate You Should See Your Dentist

Taking care of your oral health starts with the basic essentials; daily brushing and flossing and even using a mouthwash to help reduce bacteria. Getting professional dental cleanings every six months helps keep your teeth and gums in their best shape as well. But what happens if you experience symptoms in between oral cleanings? Signs… Read more »

What to Do About an Injured Lip

A dental emergency can happen to your mouth, just like any other part of the body. A blow to the face or a hard fall can potential split your lip or cause you to bite it very hard. A severe injury usually requires a trip to the emergency room. If your injured lip isn’t serious,… Read more »